For all my projects, regardless of style or need, my goal is to help my clients realize the full aesthetic and functional potential their space has to offer. Part of reaching that goal is getting to know my clients well – their hobbies, lifestyle, and, of course, their design goals – so that I can integrate them into a design vision and create a truly individualized space.


I started my design firm in 2014 after spending many years as a marketing strategist in the high tech and advertising industries. Marketing is highly dynamic, given the constant and rapid changes in technology and consumer preferences. However, I always loved transforming interiors – either in my imagination or in actuality - from being empty boxes to being interesting experiences that play to the senses. I finally reached a point where I couldn’t deny that love anymore, so I went to Parsons School of Design and started working on commissions.


My clients will tell you that I pull together combinations that are sometimes unexpected yet always beautiful and reflect their life and tastes. I seek to provide layers and varying dimensions of interest and style with harmonious effect. They will tell you that my background as a marketing strategist comes through in my ability to listen and devise a realistic plan to reaching their goals. I most appreciate a collaborative, or at the very least, an open and honest relationship, as I believe it produces the best result.


My favorite part of designing is getting inspiration from my clients. I always get a ton of ideas when I start learning about their lifestyle, hobbies, preferences, and whatever inspires them. No project is ever the same because no individual is the same, and it is what makes this so exciting and fun!


My own personal style inspiration is Audrey Hepburn. To me, she perfectly embodies timeless elegance. She was a minimalist, wearing tailored, flattering lines, with carefully selected details that stood out and made her very chic. As a person, she seemed very real, sophisticated, a bit quirky, and always beautiful.


For me, the best interiors embody these principles, regardless of budget, use, location or style.